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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lessons from an Idiot Beginner Biker

Yesterday, I decided to switch out my scenery and forgo my usual 'beginner' biker trail and move on to the 'intermediate'.

Here are some things I learned when switching from the Beginner to Intermediate Bike Trail:

1. Knowing what your gears are for is extremely useful
2. If you don't know how to use your gears properly, the Intermediate Trail will give you a crash course
3.  Do not gaze at the beautiful pond if there is a chance that you will crash into a tree
4.  Make sure you have good brakes - you will need them!
5. Don't use the front brake, unless you really want to stop.  Immediately.
6. Sitting on your bike saddle while riding over large tree roots will damage your tailbone
7.  If you think you have accidentally gotten on the "Experienced Bike Riders Only" trail - don't freak out!  The answer is - - you haven't.
8.  It is helpful to have the bike trail on your gps in advance of getting on the trail
9. Double the time you expect it will take you to get through the trail
10.  Know beforehand how to unsaddle yourself from the bike, and quickly, before you fall off it while going uphill
11. Don't get distracted while crossing a bridge.  There is a reason why there is a bridge there and why you should be on it instead of under it.
12.  For your first time, ride at a time when there is a minimal amount of bikers and hikers.  It will keep you out of their way and there will be less people to see your humiliation!

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