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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Most Authors are Narcissists

When I wrote my first book, on the first draft, I immediately wanted to send it to others, even as I was writing it because I wanted “feedback”.  
I went through about 5-6 drafts of my first book (and I mean making big changes, not just little ones) and when I finalized it, I laughed at myself because my manuscript was so much better than what I sent out to friends and family.  I decided that I would never send a first draft of my MS to anyone ever again.  I mean, what what's the point? All first drafts are crap and so sending them out to others is just pointless because you're going to make lots of changes anyways.
I'm the best author ever!
However, now that I’m on my first draft of my second novel, I find myself wanting to do the same thing.

Then I realized that what I secretly wanted was someone to respond to my draft singing my praises.  "What an amazing work, it’s so beautiful!  It's the best manuscript I've ever read, you’re the best writer to ever live on this earth!!"  

I can't help but laugh at myself.

When I'm writing on white space, and the story is emerging from my brain, it is so much more than what I can put down on paper.  The story is so much more (in my head) but I want others to recognize it's greatness.  And I expect that most authors are that way.  We love feedback because we want to feel important.  Like what we're writing matters.  What swellheads!

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