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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My 3 Week Vacation!!!

I went on a 3 week vacation!!! Okay, so this was last summer, but it was incredibly amazing!! 
This journey began last year when a good friend of mine died unexpectedly.  One major regret with him was that we had been trying to get together for months but our schedules kept getting in the way.  (keep in mind, he only lived about 25 mins away)  We finally had a date set for a Monday and on Friday night he died.  Shortly after that, another close friend of mine who lives in Utah called to tell me that his wife was not doing very well and that he didn’t know how long it would be before she passed away.
Not wanting to regret not seeing her, my hubby and I decided to put off our planned vacation to Costa Rica and go see her.  This was a huge decision for me because I REALLY REALLY want to travel internationally and this was going to be my first step.  I had my passport and everything!
 But we felt that my international plans could wait and so we planned to go see some of the most amazing people in the world.
It’s interesting to plan your vacation around seeing people instead of seeing a place.  In a lot of ways, it was SO MUCH BETTER!!  We just had such an amazing amount of fun because of all the people we got to see, we just absolutely love.  It took so much of the stress out of planning because we didn’t care what we did with them, as long as we were with them.  We just love them all so very much, that it was just so much fun.  

This is Steve, the man who started this trip and I love him so much!!!  We went out hiking and 4 wheeling with him.  He lives in a little town in Southern Utah.

This is LauraLee.  She has been my BFF since we were 13 years old and she just brings out the silly in me!!  Love her!!!  She lives in New Orleans!

My sweet niece, Lynet, who is visiting us from VeraCruz, Mexico and i in Steve’s hot tub.  I just adore her!!
(I'm not the best picture taker- I'm too busy enjoying life instead of taking pictures of it, so I didn't get some pictures of the people we went to go see.)
These next pictures are some of the places that we visited on our trip.  We got to see some amazing places!!!  Can you believe I took all these pictures with my phone? 
Sunset on Steve's ranch, Brookside, UT
Phoenix, AZ

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