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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Emotions A Picture Can Evoke

What is it about a picture of a random inanimate and just plain boring thing that can evoke feelings of such happiness and joy?
 When I look at the picture of this 7eleven, I think of sitting in the car on top of a large hill: a mountain behind me and the beautiful valley below of small matchbox houses and toy cars.  I have a slurpie in my hand, and a person beside me who I was just barely getting to know and still determining if I liked.
This picture evokes an emotion: happiness.  The memory is a good one.
Interesting enough, this picture is taken in a completely different location than the dominant memory.
This inanimate object takes me back to cooking ham and stuffing-casserole in the oven, sweater weather and cheery holidays.  My son wanted to cook a recipe from one of his favorite tv shows at the time and so we made an apple pie for Thanksgiving.
Although this picture isn’t the best quality, it probably makes me smile the most.  I saw this on the floor in our playroom.  My family had recently returned from camping and one of my kids was remembering the time spent together around the fire.  It makes me so happy to know that I’m giving happy memories to my kids.
Our brains are so amazing, all these neurons and electrical impulses that can translate the things that we see with our eyes into emotions and feelings…  It simply amazes me.
My name is Fleur.  And this is my blog.

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