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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

15th Century Pop Stars

Isn't it funny how we see pop stars in our mind?  We see the glammy side of them, or the shameful side depicted in magazines and on webpages.  We think of red carpets and mobs of fans, trying to get their autograph.  We beg them to follow us on twitter and hope we see them one day to take a picture.

Things we don't generally think about is how they brush their teeth.  Or whether they like ice in their drinks.

Joan of Arc is a 15th Century pop star.  We're still talking about her hundreds of years later.  Most of us know the general story: she lead France to win against England.  Then, when she won, France gave her over to England and they burned her at the stake (Not cool guys, not cool).

But, how much do you know about her childhood?

One thing cool about writing historical fantasy fiction is that I get to read about those kinds of things.  Things that you have to dig for, instead of doing a general Google search.

Here are 3 pretty awesome things I learned about Joan of Arc.

1.    She was always very compassionate and outspoken about it.  She had no qualms about speaking out if she saw an injustice.  Even though she was a girl.

There was a tree that Joan and her friends loved.  They believed that the Fairies would dance around the tree when no one else was looking.  One day, the town priest went to the tree (while Joan was sick) and did a ritual to ban the Fairies from the tree.  When Joan got better, she felt sorry for the poor Fairies.  So she ran to the priest and convinced him that God had made the Fairies and they deserved to have a place in this world just like any other creature.

2.    She loved animals, and would always feed them and help them if they were hurt.  In return, they would follow her around sometimes.  During dinner, she would let them eat with her and so she would have rabbits, birds, squirrels, cats, and other reptiles, all around the her, and she would feed them as she ate.  PETA would have made her their poster child.

3.    She was always very brave. There was an insane guy that they used to keep locked up in a cage in the middle of the town.  One day he got out and attacked her and her friends with an axe.  Instead of running away, she stood her ground and talked the guy into going back into his cage.  Turns out, she used to give him food and talk to him and she hoped that he would recognize her, even though he was in a ‘mad state’.  Crazy woman!!

To me, little Joannie seems like she would've been a very intersting person to hang out with as a kid.

If you want to know more about her, you can read her story written by Sieur Lous de Conte, who was a childhood friend of hers here.  The kindle version is FREE. (It says that the author of this book is Mark Twain.  I have no idea why it says this, but the book was written by Sieur Conte.)

Or, you can read my fictionalized version of her in my book.

My name is Fleur.  And this is my blog.

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