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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Always in the wrong place

I'm staring at you
from across the room
through a glass of barley.
You’re standing there bitter and ugly
because I don't want you to be beautiful
that's why you aren't
and you never will be
because spite is a bitch.
When you should have been silent
your ugly thoughts sounded too loud in my head.
Do you enjoy the solitude?
I believe so...
you tried it twice.
Your attention was always in the wrong place.

Tanya von Ness, todays guest blogger and poet, is a teacher who loved designing so much that she decided to do it for a living.  Her dedication to creating quality book covers is reflected in her work.  She is also very passionate about writing and travelling with her family.  She is a proud mom of two beautiful little girls and wife of an amazing husband.  You can find her beautiful book covers on

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