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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Confession No. 1 – Alpha (and) Romeo

I confess. The only Romeo I believe in is one half of a car. And the same goes for Alpha. Actually, I tend to think that sweet-smelling things are either like chewing gum that tastes great for a couple of minutes but loses its sweetness (or sharpness) and you just can’t wait to spit it out, or like that terrible caramels that want to glue your teeth together and silence you for the rest of your life (or for as long as they don’t eventually glue off and all you can do is swallow hard and hope you don’t choke to death).
But I love writing romance. Not the sugarcoated, live happily ever after type of romance, but still… it’s romance. It’s feelings, emotions, yearning, longing, and happiness, but I guess it includes just as much of pain, sadness and everything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Does that mean that I like to add a couple of provoking twists into my stories?
I think so. And use a little harsh language? Yep. Push the borders? Yes. Take the readers out of their comfort zone? Hell yes. Because that’s what I see when I look around. That’s what I see when I look at the people around me. It’s what I hear when I listen to their stories. No high flying concepts. No chivalry and tough, invincible knights. No freaking cowboys. Just people like you and me – and our perfect, bittersweet mistakes.

The fantasy is nothing but a bonus, an opportunity of underlining everything that happens every day in real life. No perfection. If you like stories that make perfect sense and can be outlined after reading the first couple of chapters, the best books to read would probably be something textbook-like. My stories are no Romeos. And absolutely no Alphas. They are Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2. Poisonous, classy, sexy, and unreachable.

BL Pride is always passionate, sometimes to the extreme.  They write addictive reading.
When author Barbara Pristovnik, todays guest blogger, finished her first novel (written in Slovene), she never dreamed of sharing her lunacy with the rest of the planet.  Then Lea Dežman, the other half of the team, put her foot down and decided to translate it into English.  Ever since, two absolute beginners were swept up into the overwhelming world of self-publishing which took their Sunday coffee dates to a completely different level. Addiction is the result.  You can read more at


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  1. may be u great copy and paste writer,u explaning story i never understand u write without mind and leg,really dead man awake if he read ur story..already i have struggling in my life...may be something u write ...which i forget my pain and struggle...sorry for my comment...