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Saturday, February 21, 2015

People is such an easy word to pronounce but so hard to understand.

People is such an easy word to pronounce but so hard to understand. Teenager is even worse. When I was little I always thought that teenagers are people who get old when they turn 13.  
In a way, I was right.  So much is represented with this simple word. Too many emotions and thoughts, too many bad meanings for such fragile souls. They still have a playful child inside, unwilling to change, so they start to change their appearance and they keep pretending until people start calling them adults. 
Such adults pretend to be mayors, presidents, teachers, salesmen, bakers and themselves. They pretend to be they. They know everything about the meaning of life. They have all the answers and they know what came first, the chicken or the egg.  They give excellent advice that they can barely spell, not to mention they never listen to themselves.  
Children, for example, have imaginary friends like human sized rabbits. They have names like Spike or Hector and kids know that they don't really exist, but they like having them around.  Adults also have imaginary friends.  They however can't tell that they don't really exist. They are often called parents. 
Parents love their children more then anything in this world. Parents are usually born on the same day that their child is born, until then not even they existed. But sometimes parents don't get to be born but just the child and then we call it an emotional orphan.  Children mostly resemble their mom when they misbehave and they are very daddy-like when they are good. Sometimes they are no-one-alike when they are too bad to be anybodies. 
A student always gains honorable mentions by their parents. They like to mention them to friends and relatives that live in distant and foreign countries. Such relatives count as double because they believe every word they hear. 
Parents that were never born, never laugh with their children because they don't understand. Such people don't even understand why this is important. Parents that were never born, have a gap in their lives and they never ask about it.  
This afternoon my imaginary friends and I are having some coffee at the local café and they really exist. Have I mentioned that I'm a teacher/designer/writer/parent? I love to pretend to be myself the most!

Tanya von Ness is a teacher who loved designing so much that she decided to do it for a living.  Her dedication to creating quality book covers is reflected in her work.  She is also very passionate about writing and travelling with her family.  She is a proud mom of two beautiful little girls and wife of an amazing husband.  You can find her beautiful book covers on

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