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Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Lost Poet

Today is something that should be written
but because of all the sloth
of illiberal words
Of looking at those same pictures all over again
and walking the same footsteps every day

I'm torturing myself
and wondering why I'm so hungry
while I'm thirsting for change
change, that I'm afraid of at the same time
so now I'm proclaiming my position
as open

simply a lost poet with no ink in his veins

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Tanya von Ness, todays guest blogger, is a teacher who loved designing so much that she decided to do it for a living.  Her dedication to creating quality book covers is reflected in her work.  She is also very passionate about writing and travelling with her family.  She is a proud mom of two beautiful little girls and wife of an amazing husband.  You can find her beautiful book covers on

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