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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our lives?

While I was walking through the streets the other day, I heard a girl talking on her phone.  She kept telling the person on the phone that she "didn't say that" and how "someone was making it up." I saw confusion on her face, but she also had traces of fear and guilt. She must have said something she wasn't supposed to and now she regrets it. Could be, or maybe she is really telling the truth and I'm the worst profiler ever. 
I kept walking where I was heading and thought about our lives, are we really true to ourselves, or do we live the lives of our parents, our acquaintance and people that are around us. How free are we really if we can't even dress before we leave our house without thinking what someone might think about our clothes? Our clothes??!

When a girl walks down the street and someone looks at her, she asks a thousand questions in her head. Why did he look at me, does he think that I look horrible, is my hair a mess, should I have worn that other shirt or is there something on my jacket??! Oh, I must look fat in this! While the conversation in her head is going overboard, he probably thinks: “Did I walk the dog today?” 

One day everyone will stop worrying about stuff like, “What will my friends think about my clothes, but what do I think of myself” and this is a part that can't be fixed with a better jacket and make up. I still walked to a cafe where I met my friend after we hadn't seen each other for a very long time. When I saw her I remembered all those times in my room, where we dressed up like morons to impress other morons.
I said, “Hey you” and thought, oh my, its so nice to see her

Tanya von Ness, todays guest blogger, is a teacher who loved designing so much that she decided to do it for a living.  Her dedication to creating quality book covers is reflected in her work.  She is also very passionate about writing and traveling with her family.  She is a proud mom of two beautiful little girls and wife of an amazing husband.  You can find her beautiful book covers on her website.

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