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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What an author goes through when writing

Am I the only one who thinks Oscar Wilde looks like Simon Helberg??
When an author says that they pour their soul into their writing, what they really mean is that they feel the same emotions as their characters.
For instance, if they are writing about someone in pain, then they are feeling that pain.  When the character is happy, then the writer feels the same joy.  And when the character is crying, it is likely that the author has tears running down their face.

It is truly a gift to be able to experience such emotions while writing.  It brings about what I call, the Writer’s High.  When the writing is flowing from the pen and all the emotions are coming so easily and the author can feel horrifying pain and gratifying happiness all in one afternoon.

I really feel like this is a gift to me.  And yet, why do I find it almost… embarrassing to admit that when I read the end of my second book (before the prologue), I cry almost every time.  When I wrote it, when I edit it, and even when I’m just reading it this swell of emotion puffs up in my chest and travels to my face and wants to burst out.
And then Mr. Negative comes out and says, “Why are you getting so emotional about this part?  No one else will feel this way, it’s just a story.  It’s not real.”
And I stop to consider his words, just for one moment, and then I take Mr. Negative and mentally fold him up and squish him inside a very small box and shove him under everything else inside my head, because I am not listening to him today!  I have too much other work to pay any attention to him!

And then I re-read what I wrote again and grin like a fool and wipe my tears away and say, “Yes, it is.  It’s real all right.  Even if it’s only real in my head.”

Go 'way, Mr. Negative

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