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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Need Me

The man stood with his hand on the phone, staring out
Emotions washed over him
What the hell did I just do?

The girl on the other side,
Pushing away the pain.
Wishing she didn’t have to do it
Wishing that he would just get over it.
Why can’t he just admit it?

At the beginning
Their affair was fast
Slamming into her like a train
The 10 page letters, late night phone calls and passionate pleas of connection.
I want you, I need you
Always implied, but left unsaid.

Their relationship drew them in closer
No subject was untouched
Sex under the church pew
Late night skinny dipping
Exploring as a child
Seeing porn for the first time
Broken homes
Fathers missing
Fathers hitting
Hiding under the covers

Yet, the closer they grew
The further he flew
Faster, harder, wilder
This is too much for me, toomuchforme.

If I stay, I’ll crack open and you can See Inside.

Until it was too late
And she was gone
Desperate for the connection
But needing the contact

And so he said, “Screw it.”
I don’t need you, you are the one who needs me
I don’t need you, youneedme

My name is Fleur.
And this is my blog.

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