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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


A shoe.
The picture whipped by me
and a million memories came rushing down through my brain,
dripping into my heart.
It was just a shoe.
But it was the only shoe.
The only shoe that could be found within thousands of miles like THAT shoe.

It had been worn
Through the end of the store
Out to the parking lot
And onto rough sands of the Hawaiian shore

The waters were so clear
So beautiful
So clean
So fresh
And alive.

It walked away from true love
To serving others
To finding true love again
And over and over as children came

It walked over sand, pavement, carpets and dirty trails.
Over clear creeks and muddy lakes
Over the sands of Arizona
The parchments of Utah
The beaches of California
The grass of Colorado
The fine sands of Florida

Their soles worn and sighing
But never giving up
The Shoe,
Like her heart.
THAT shoe

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