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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Book Review Rant for Unravel Me

As most of you know, I only write book reviews for books that charge me emotionally.  I don't even write reviews for books that I love.  Only books that force my hand because I just have to get out the emotions I'm feeling inside.

Today I'm writing about Unravel Me.

***Spoiler Alert***
First of all, I loved Shatter Me.  I also love her writing.  It's a very different style and there is a great poetic quality to it.
I love that she can take a psycopath and make him a little bit likeable, a little bit 'human'.


I am sick and tired of love triangles.  Especially when one part of that triangle is a psychopath.  or a stalker.  Just sick.

I am throughly annoyed with characters who are so self absorbed and into their own drama that they aren't even aware of what's going on around them.  Who can't be bothered to help when the lives of others are at risk.

I hate when a main character falls in love with someone who, in the real world, are completely and utterly NOT a person you would fall in love with.  ie: they are crazy.  psychotic.

And yet, Juliette falls for this guy who treats her special.  He is willing to kill anyone else for reasons less than King Henry V, and not feel a shred of remorse.  But he loves her and she can see that he's the way he is because he was abused by his daddy.

Well guess what.  Lots of people were abused by their dads and they don't turn out to be psychopaths.  Like for instance... oh... I don't know... Adam.

Just.  So over it.

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