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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Who loves their readers?

This week there is an amazing amount of awesome stuff going on.  And don't we all need it?? I mean, the holidays are coming up, and hopefully that will bring us some extra time for reading while eating Thanksgiving leftovers.  (You thought I was going to say something about the US election, didn't you?? Admit it.  And no, not touching that thing with a 20 million foot pole!!)
And for those of you who may not celebrate Thanksgiving, I now give you permission to go buy Pumpkin pie to celebrate your good author friend's holiday feast and drink some hot cocoa, and read a good book.  Which book are you reading?

Right now I'm reading a very boring book, it's all about writing, so you know, you probably won't be as interested in it as me.  But, believe me, there are gonna be crap tons of interesting books in dis houz!!!

S0 - FIRST THIS PROMO.  The requirement for this promo is that the book has to be free and on Amazon.  Soooo.. if that sounds good to you, then check it out!  There is something for everyone on there.

Alright, this next promotion is an Instafreebie promotion and is all things magical.  Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy, all that kind of stuff.  So go check it out, there are some really good books on there.

If you love romance, then this one is for you.  All great Instafreebie books, so again, totally free.  Check it here.

This Instafreebie giveaway is a grab bag, and has 70 books in 9 different genres - so something for everyone.  Go grab some of those!  Technically this one doesn't open until Friday, but I've checked it and all the links are working now. (Don't hold me to that!! lol If a link doesn't work, check it again Friday)  And there are some gorg covers on there!! Totally loving the eye candy.  (Including mine, of course!! lol)

So, no one can't say that I don't love my readers.  I gives you free books.  Show me some love by telling me how often you want to see these free books in your email every month in the comments section below.  Either that, or check out my series here.

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